SendU is a movement of college students from The Summit Church who sacrifice a season of their college careers to pray about a lifetime of missionary service.  

Complete these 4 steps to join SendU:
  1. Get accepted to a cross-cultural missions program through your campus ministry, church, or another missions agency.  The program/trip needs to be for an entire semester or at least the majority of your school break (at least 4 weeks for a summer break program and at least 2 weeks for a winter break program).  If you need help finding a trip, just fill out the application (link below), and we can follow up with you.
  3. Submit online SendU application: Click the button below to submit an application. SUBMIT AN APPLICATION
  5. Be (or become) a Summit member:  If you’re not already, you must complete Step 1 of our membership class called Growth Track before receiving funding.  Click here to signup for our next Growth Track Step 1 class. 
    If you have a home church in another city, you can also be a WatchCare member.
  7. Commit to pray everyday while overseas and ask God if He would send you for long-term work in the future.  
If you’re accepted to SendU, you will receive:
    • SendU Prayer Mentor:  An adult in the church will be matched with you to pray for your trip every single day you are overseas.  He/she will connect with you on the front end of your trip to gather prayer requests, and then on the back end of your trip to debrief with you and hear what God did!
    • Funding:  SendU participants will receive $400 from The Summit Church to go toward their trip expenses. Spots are limited.