The Summit has sent these missionaries from our body to serve the mission of God around the world through missionary sending agencies. We support them financially, through prayer and encouragement, and with visits through our volunteer missions trips.

Meet our Engage Global Missionaries

UNITED STATES // Waukesha, Wisconsin

Alex & Anna Nobles

Alex and Anna are training to be missionaries to an unreached people group. The burden they have, is to give the written Word to a people group that currently has no access to it. They have a long-term vision for this, and are currently working with Ethnos360 (formerly New Tribes Missions) in Waukesha, Wisconsin. After training for the next three years, they will move with a small team to the chosen country and learn their language, make an alphabet, teach the people to read and write, and translate Scripture with them.  If you would like to be on their monthly email list,  email  .

UNITED STATES // Seattle, Washington

Kevin Black

Our Vision at Roots Community Church is to work alongside God in developing multiplying communities of fully-devoted followers of Christ. My role as Associate Pastor includes teaching and preaching, shepherding the the saints, and meeting any administrative needs. Ministry in general, and a church-plant specifically, requires a willingness to do whatever it takes as the Lord leads— and I’m committed to that. My move to Seattle and ministry at Roots hinges upon God’s grace in Jesus Christ, which I have experienced personally and I faithfully pray for folks in Seattle to experience. It’s all about Jesus’ namesake in all the nations (Romans 1:5), and I consider it a blessing to be used by God as He glorifies Himself in Christ.

Eastern Ethiopia 

r & r  m

We are currently living in Eastern Ethiopia serving among the unreached Muslim Hararghe Oromos. Our vision as a team is to start a movement of discipleship and multiplying house churches that spreads to saturate the whole Hararghe Oromo region (5 million people) and beyond. To accomplish this our local team partners with near-culture Ethiopian churches to train people they send to work as disciple makers/church planters among the Hararghe Oromo.  We feel like the Lord is leading us to the Middle East in the same Acts 6:4 (prayer and discipleship) capacity around 2020



Dave and Mary Elliff and their four children live in Seattle, Washington where Dave serves as the Lead Church Planter for Roots Community Church. With several major companies such as Boeing and Amazon based in Seattle, it is a very culturally influential city that sadly is less than 4% evangelical.  Officially launching Roots in January 2017, Dave and Mary have a heart to see the lost in their city saved and equipped to become multiplying disciples of Christ. Please pray for the Elliffs, as they balance raising four small children and planting a very young church.  Their prayer is to be a part of starting up a multiplying church planting movement in Seattle and beyond.


David and Alison Smiley

Photo of David and Alison SmileyDavid and Alison and their five children serve the Saramaccan people on the Suriname River in the jungle of Suriname. They are part of an evangelism and discipleship team that is focused on establishing communities of faith in each of the 65 villages along the river. The ministry plan also involves the development of businesses and sources of sustainable income that will allow for long-term stability in the village churches.



Mark & Tory Lewis

Mark and Tory Lewis, along with their three kids Levi, John, and Nora, are serving in Paramaribo, Suriname among the Saamakan people. Their prayer and desire are to make disciples among the Saamakans and to plant sustainable and multiplying churches in the capital city of Paramaribo. In addition, they plan to focus on Saamakan youth who are making the transition from the interior to the city as a continuation of the ministry that their partners, the Smileys, have been doing in the interior.

South Sudan


Blake is the Information & Communications Manager for the Samaritan’s Purse South Sudan country office, based in Juba. He compiles internal reports, writes and edits web features and blogs for Samaritan’s Purse (SP), manages and contributes social media content for SP, designs printed items and SP visibility, and photographs all of SP’s projects at five other bases in the country, including water and sanitation, food assistance, food security and livelihoods, nutrition, health services and ministry through local church partners. SP’s projects serve more than half a million beneficiaries of the more than six million people in critical need as a result of the ongoing conflict that started in December 2013.


Kelsey PEREZ

My name is Kelsey (Pruitt) Perez.  I am a career missionary serving in Palo Blanco, Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic with Kids Alive International.  The mission of Kids Alive International is to rescue and redeem orphans and at-risk children. I work at Fountain of Living Water Private School in Palo Blanco.  I am the English teacher for grades fourth through eighth. I am the AWANAS secretary, which works with grades second through eighth. I also serve as a small group leader for the high schoolers in Bible Club once a week. I do have a blog that I use for more personal experiences but still relevant to ministry.  I send my financial supporters monthly newsletters, to give them a bit more formal update on ministry.  


AFRICA // Nairobi, Kenya

Bobby and Brandy Reese

Go Near Ministries

The purpose of our ministry is to work with the poor and marginalized in Kenya. Go Near's goal is to empower the poor through skills training, education and community development. Bobby will be helping with Bamboo Life, a Go Near ministry designed to start small businesses under local initiative operating in Nairobi slums that can be used to provide skills and employment to local Kenyans.  There has been some success with growing bamboo, making furniture, the use of bamboo in making charcoal, and bamboo for use in water procurement and treatment. He is also serving at the ABC Center, a children’s ministry in the slum.   As a Civil Engineer, Bobby also hopes to help develop safe sources of water. Brandy teaches at Woodland Star School, a small private school in Limuru, a town 30 miles NW from Nairobi with a population near 5,000. 


James and Helen Davis

James has been a Law Professor at Handong International Law School (HILS) since 2006. He teaches US law in English to international students, many of whom desire to practice law in the areas of human rights and religious freedoms in places where the church is threatened.  HILS is forthrightly Christian and teaches law from a Biblical Worldview.  Many developing countries are discovering that their laws are inadequate to meet the needs of their people, but they lack the knowledge and insight to correct the problems. HILS seeks to equip students to address these kinds of needs.


Scott and Heather

Scott and Heather have a ministry vision of making disciples and planting churches among the unreached people groups of Southeast Asia.  They are doing this primarily through a ministry to those working in prostitution. They are working with the rehabilitation and discipleship of women, girls and boys in sex trafficking, and helping them to start sustainable lifestyles through small business opportunities. They believe God has also called them to use “Business as Mission” as an avenue of becoming a real part of the city in order to develop natural relationships that lead to disciple making and church planting.


Samson & Qamar Titus

Both Samson and Qamar were born and raised in Pakistan as the fourth generation Christians. Our great grandparents converted from Sikh religion in the early 1900's, when John Nelson Hyde (more commonly known as Praying Hyde) was preaching through India. We accepted Jesus Christ as our savior and were baptized in Pakistan. The primary focus of this ministry is with the Bheel tribal people on the desert border of Pakistan and India. God is using them in the conversion of hundreds of people to Christ. Through the discipleship of spiritual leaders, they are also establishing churches in these villages. God is providing the funds needed for the development of a Christian school that will open up opportunities to love and serve the Pakistani people.


Dawson & Laurel Jones

Dawson and Laurel are equipping churches and church leaders for church planting in Slovakia and Eastern Europe. They desire to see the post-communist and now westernized cities of this region saturated with disciples of Jesus so that every man, woman, and child might have a daily encounter with Him in word or deed.  They believe that God has been and will fulfill this mission through the multiplication of His church.  They are currently equipping European leaders with the help of SOMA while living in Tacoma, WA, and will be moving to Slovakia soon.  They have one beautiful baby girl who will be joining them on
this mission.

Anna Waller – TWR

Anna is honored to serve with TWR, a ministry that uses mass media to effectively and efficiently share the gospel in more than 160 nations and 230 languages and dialects around the world, especially in places where pastors and missionaries cannot go. After her first exposure to TWR during an internship in the summer of 2013, Anna served as a writer and editor in Bratislava, Slovakia, from 2015-2017. Anna now serves as a grant and report writer from the corporate office in North Carolina. You can learn more about TWR and Anna’s specific role at

How do I become a Summit missionary?

If you feel God is calling you to overseas missions and would like to apply to become a Summit Missionary, please read the Philosophy and Pre-requisites documents below. Once you have done that, submit the Engage Global Application 1 below to the Engage Global Team at

ENGAGE Summit Missions Philosophy.pdf

Long-Term Missionary Prerequisites And Support Policy.pdf

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